Brand-New Eyelash Extension “ROYAL LASH”

What is Royal lash?

Royal Lash is a brand new eyelash extension called “Flat Matte Lash” from the Japanese beauty giant Miss Eyed’or. Flat Matte Lash is the most advanced eyelash extension in the eyelash industry. Today, I’m going to introduce you about the big  three features of this amazing product!!


No.1 Ultimate durability

The original shape of Flat Matte makes it possible to produce “excellent stability” and “beautiful hair flow “.

✓Outstanding Stability   

✓Beautiful Hair Flow

✓Shorter Operation time

✓Highest Persistence Ever


No.2 UltraLight and comfortable beyond imagination

With their original technology, Flat Matte is the lightest and has the highest persistence ever in the history of eyelash extensions. The weight is one-third as light as that of Classic Eyelash.

Flat lash that is lighter than single lash Classic and has less burden (little damage!! ) on the eyelashes than volume lash 3D.


No.3 split LAsh makes your eyes look bigger

The special processing “Split Tips” enables even the tip of eyelashes to be seen clearly. And also, your eyelashes are lifted up from the roots, producing an eyeline effect.



Highly recommended for…

Flat Matte Lash is recommended for those…

ーwho do not want to damage their natural eyelashes

ーwho want to give your lashes a lift 

ーwho have weak eyelashes and could not get eyelash extensions done

ーwho feel the weight of eyelash extension is bothersome


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