20 testers wanted!! Up to $100 OFF!!!!

Say good bye to your additional 15 min morning to get  the perfect eye!

New season, New YOU!!

We are happy to announce that we are looking for 20 testers to try and review our beauty treatment.

Every client has a different eye shape as well as lash type. That’s way we need YOU!


We customize  the look you would like to achieve!

1. Original Eyelashes



$120 → $80


3. UPPER LIFT CURL + Eyelash Extensions HALF $220 → $140


4.UPPER LIFT CURL + Eyelash Extensions FULL
$270 → $170


What you should know before applying?

  • First 20 arrivals are only accepted.
  • We will post  the pictures of your eyes  on our Instagram.
  • If you want to get UPPER LIFT CURL & EYELASH  EXTENSIONS, you have to visit us again within a few days for eyelash extension application after your first treatment for UPPER LIFT CURL.

We are looking forward to hearing from YOU!

AQUA Beauty

155 Robson, Vancouver