Eyelash Extensions

We will customize your Dream Lash

No one don’t want get full, long and dramatic eyelashes. We are here to make your dream come true.

Our talented team will ask you questions about your goals and style (Cute, Sexy, Glamorous and Natural ) and based on your answers, your technician will pick a curl size for your eye shape. So you can customize your result!

Here are our options.

Classic Sebull lash

Natural (-80 lashes)     $80
Half (80-100 lashes)    $100

Full(100-160 lashes)    $150


For example, you would pick Sebull, Full (160 lashes) …

Full, long and dark lashes every single day without needing coasts of waterproof mascara!!

Eye door  makes your extensions nice and shiny!

It’s your turn to get your dream lashes at Aqua Beauty!  Our experienced technicians are looking forward to meeting you soon.

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