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- The Secret of Carbon Dioxide and Herbal Treatment in Aqua Beauty Salon -

In Germany, one of the medically advanced countries, Carbon Dioxide treatments are often used for medical treatment in medical institutions or service facilities. These methods are adapted to rehabilitation for patients to retain the healthy blood capillaries or to promote the natural skin regeneration.   Aqua Beauty Salon is using this Carbon Dioxide treatments method for facial and body treatment to improve the blood circulation, tightening your skin, and increase the metabolism which leads your body to slim down naturally.

The Carbon Dioxide treatment may also combined together with herbal remedies to have better effects. As results of treatments, your face and body will dramatically improve internally and will be energetically balanced.   


- AQUA Beautyの炭酸・ハーブ美容について-




AQUA Facial (Whitening or Moisturizing)
$150 / 60min
Sparkling Face Design
cleansing, decorté massage, sparkling mist, mask
$180 / 90min
Herbal Peeling
cleansing, herbal formula insertion, sedation Mask, growth factor mist
Aroma Body Massage
$120 / 60min
$180 / 90min
Hot Stone Massage
$150 / 60min
Sparkling Body Treatment $150 / 60min
$200 / 90min
Chair Massage
$20 / 10min
$25 / 15min
$30 / 20min
$45 / 30min
*Hotel Room Massage +$20
$50 / 30min
$80 / 60min
$110 / 90min
$140 /120min