Re:belle – Herb Peeling


Standard chemical peeling uses chemical solution which forces your skin to exfoliate and remove the top layer of skin. Unlike the chemical peeling, Re:belle Herb Peeling at Aqua Beauty Salon stimulates your skin to have early turn over in short time of period and peel off the top layer of your skin gently and naturally.
通常の薬品を使用し角質を剥離させるピーリングとは違い、棘状成分を浸透させ、肌の ターンオーバーを3~5日の短時間で肌再生し、自然剥離を行うピーリングになります。


Re:bell Herb Peeling
Cleansing, Washing, Herb Peeling, Soothing, Growth Factor Mask, Serum, Moisturizing
$500 / 60min